Can you Make Money From A Food Processor Website ?


If you are still struggling to come up with a niche idea for you website that you can monetize try not to over think it too much. Look around your house and see what products you have that you like and use frequently. This is a great way to come up with keywords to research. I also like to find products that almost everyone I know also has and uses, this means there is a large market of consumers out there that also purchase these products. A great place to start is in your kitchen. Most kitchens have a good selection of appliances that everyone needs. These can include coffee makers, stand mixers, toaster ovens, pot and knife sets and food processors. Make a list a ten to twenty items and then use those as seed words for your keyword research. Also make sure your are familiar with the product you choose and have experience using it. This will pay of when you need to come up with more content for your website.

breville food processor

As an example I can across this website about food processors, The site owner has obviously done his research and picked the best selling food processors on the market. They also added a blog section which provides recipes and other articles related to food processors. This provides usefully information for the users and shows the website isn’t just about trying to make money. I really like the top ten comparison chart on the home page. This also gives a good user experience by allowing consumers to compare the features and specifications of all the products on one page. Then you can click on each individual product to read the full review. Looks like the site is monetized using the Amazon affiliate program which is one of the largest affiliate networks on the internet.

Here’s another site targeting the food processor niche, Its a pretty small site and doesn’t have much content but I do like the Star rating system combined with the price and overall rating. Not as detailed as the first site but still provides information to compare several models at glance. Looks like it’s also monetized using Amazon. The site is still pretty thin and needs to have more content but its simple and clean.

I hope these two examples give you some ideas to help your target you next, or even first niche for you website. There are literally thousands of products you can promote that aren’t that competitive and have some kind of affiliate program to monetize. I don’t know how much money these sites are making but I’m sure they make something.So take a walk around your house , starting building a list and do some keyword research. You too can have a site up and making money in the next few months if your put in a little effort.