How to Avoid Getting Lower Website Conversion Rates


Improving the conversion rate of your website should be your first priority because if your site isn’t converting well, then it simply means that it’s failing in a few areas. If you’re using a tracking script, then that’s the only means by which you can see visitor behavior and where your metrics are not so good. This is not difficult to do, by the way, but remember that all or at least most tracking scripts have limitations. You can read about 3 ways in which you may find low conversions, and then what some possible fixes are for them.


Do not place live pop ups on your site because they annoy your customers and they do not look professional. This is not what you want at all. When surfers come to your site, they want you to welcome them, provide wonderful content and give them an overall good experience. The average visitor can get help from your site by following the provided prompts. But people do not want to ask for help if they do not need it. Instead, make sure that your site is easy to get around and makes it possible for things to be located.

If you’re selling something on your website or want your visitors to take any kind of action (which is obviously going to be beneficial to you) then don’t take them through an unnecessary sign up process as it just kills the conversions. It is so important to make the sales process very easy, allowing your visitors to become customers without having to figure out what to do next while going through the transaction process. Your website should offer a flawless experience to the visitors, and let them take the action without much hassle because ultimately if your site isn’t converting, no sign up form will give you results any way.

Conversion Rates

Have you ever landed on a website that refuses to let you leave via the back button? You should never stoop to this. This will do damage to your conversion rate. Do not force people to stay on your site if they want to leave without clicking your buttons. It is all about respecting your visitor’s preferences. Give your customers freedom, get more conversions and build up your brand. The points that we talked about here are pretty simple to understand and apply. Aside from beginning on this today, it’s smart to continue finding out more because there are many ways to increase your CR. Just take things one step at a time, and you’ll begin making positive progress.