How to Avoid Getting Lower Website Conversion Rates


Improving the conversion rate of your website should be your first priority because if your site isn’t converting well, then it simply means that it’s failing in a few areas. If you’re using a tracking script, then that’s the only means by which you can see visitor behavior and where your metrics are not so good. This is not difficult to do, by the way, but remember that all or at least most tracking scripts have limitations. You can read about 3 ways in which you may find low conversions, and then what some possible fixes are for them.


Do not place live pop ups on your site because they annoy your customers and they do not look professional. This is not what you want at all. When surfers come to your site, they want you to welcome them, provide wonderful content and give them an overall good experience. The average visitor can get help from your site by following the provided prompts. But people do not want to ask for help if they do not need it. Instead, make sure that your site is easy to get around and makes it possible for things to be located.

If you’re selling something on your website or want your visitors to take any kind of action (which is obviously going to be beneficial to you) then don’t take them through an unnecessary sign up process as it just kills the conversions. It is so important to make the sales process very easy, allowing your visitors to become customers without having to figure out what to do next while going through the transaction process. Your website should offer a flawless experience to the visitors, and let them take the action without much hassle because ultimately if your site isn’t converting, no sign up form will give you results any way.

Conversion Rates

Have you ever landed on a website that refuses to let you leave via the back button? You should never stoop to this. This will do damage to your conversion rate. Do not force people to stay on your site if they want to leave without clicking your buttons. It is all about respecting your visitor’s preferences. Give your customers freedom, get more conversions and build up your brand. The points that we talked about here are pretty simple to understand and apply. Aside from beginning on this today, it’s smart to continue finding out more because there are many ways to increase your CR. Just take things one step at a time, and you’ll begin making positive progress.

Simple Tips For Producing the Best Possible Web Content


You can easily learn how to write great web content. Too many online marketers never learn the fundamentals when it comes to creating content. They don’t really know where to begin. This is what makes it hard. This is what it makes your end result so clumsy. How can you avoid this pitfall? You must create content with a clear strategy in mind. With experience, you can make your content increasingly helpful and interesting to your target audience. You do, however, have to be willing to put in some time into learning how to go about this. If you want to create content that your audience will eagerly embrace, make sure you apply the following tips.

It’s important that your content stays neat. Do not make it just a jumble of unorganized words. Segment your content in such a manner that it is super easy to read and to scan through. You need to make sure that you use short paragraphs and include lots of white space. If your content looks like a giant block of unreadable text then you need to understand that your readers are going to leave. It’s not at all simple to want to strain your eyes when you read content on the computer. So why create difficulties for your readers? So the key to success with your content is short sentences, smaller paragraphs and space.

By networking with other website and blog owners, you can help one another with content. Everyone with a website needs content, so they’ll be grateful if you alert them to items that they could use. You’ll find that this is a way to develop good relationships with other marketers, and they’ll be eager to help you out as well. It always pays help others when you can, as this will be returned to you.

Regardless of what market you’re targeting with your site, you will find others in the same niche that might have worthy content. Share, spread and talk about their content. There are various possibilities for joint ventures when you start to connect with other website owners and bloggers.

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Feedback is very important for your online success. So asking your readers and visitors for feedback will help you get a better insight into your content. It’s not a good idea to just blindly guess about the sorts of content your readers are expecting from you. You have to gather feedback and focus on it on a regular basis. This is how you will gain a clearer picture and actually impress your readers. You’ll be able to deliver content that your readers actually like.

Writing content is easy but writing content that makes a real and true impact on the reader? Now that’s what we are trying to help you do. Writing really great web content is all about actually understanding the dynamics. Know your readers as intimately as you can. Make sure that you offer real value but in a compact manner. The Internet is stuffed nearly all the way full with content that isn’t anything but highly over rated fluff. So if you put some true effort into giving you the best quality, you’ll be able to outshine your competition. And this applies to absolutely any niche, regardless of your choice. So when you honestly want to see the results for yourself, you’ll take what we’ve talked about here and put it to work.

Can you Make Money From A Food Processor Website ?


If you are still struggling to come up with a niche idea for you website that you can monetize try not to over think it too much. Look around your house and see what products you have that you like and use frequently. This is a great way to come up with keywords to research. I also like to find products that almost everyone I know also has and uses, this means there is a large market of consumers out there that also purchase these products. A great place to start is in your kitchen. Most kitchens have a good selection of appliances that everyone needs. These can include coffee makers, stand mixers, toaster ovens, pot and knife sets and food processors. Make a list a ten to twenty items and then use those as seed words for your keyword research. Also make sure your are familiar with the product you choose and have experience using it. This will pay of when you need to come up with more content for your website.

breville food processor

As an example I can across this website about food processors, The site owner has obviously done his research and picked the best selling food processors on the market. They also added a blog section which provides recipes and other articles related to food processors. This provides usefully information for the users and shows the website isn’t just about trying to make money. I really like the top ten comparison chart on the home page. This also gives a good user experience by allowing consumers to compare the features and specifications of all the products on one page. Then you can click on each individual product to read the full review. Looks like the site is monetized using the Amazon affiliate program which is one of the largest affiliate networks on the internet.

Here’s another site targeting the food processor niche, Its a pretty small site and doesn’t have much content but I do like the Star rating system combined with the price and overall rating. Not as detailed as the first site but still provides information to compare several models at glance. Looks like it’s also monetized using Amazon. The site is still pretty thin and needs to have more content but its simple and clean.

I hope these two examples give you some ideas to help your target you next, or even first niche for you website. There are literally thousands of products you can promote that aren’t that competitive and have some kind of affiliate program to monetize. I don’t know how much money these sites are making but I’m sure they make something.So take a walk around your house , starting building a list and do some keyword research. You too can have a site up and making money in the next few months if your put in a little effort.

Do You Really Need A Rangefinder For Bow Hunting ?


If you are new to bow hunting you are probably having a hard time deciding what equipment you should purchase and what isn’t really necessary. One of these items is a laser rangefinder and the answer is yes, you probably will benefit from using one.

Yardage is everything when you are bow hunting, you have to be pretty accurate judging distances and knowing how far away your target is if you want to be successful. You can get away with a few yards of error when hunting with a rifle or shot gun, your miss won’t be that much; an inch or two high or an inch or two low. With bow hunting if your range is of by three or four yards it can make the difference between a good hit, a bad hit or even a miss.

You must have a bow hunting specific rangefinder like any of the ones found on this site. Using a rifle only rangefinder won’t work as well for us bow hunters, you need one that compensates for various incline or decline shooting angles. Some rangefinders don’t have this feature and only give you straight line range which isn’t accurate when ranging an incline or decline. I use the Nikon Rifle Hunter 1000 which is a great rangefinder especially for bow hunting because it is very accurate even up to +/- 89 degrees of inline/decline.

ranging from tree stand

I usually hunt from a tree stand which is what most bow hunters do. I like to set up my tree stand a few weeks before the season starts and I bring my Nikon Riflehunter 1000 with me. Then I map out the target areas from the tree stand and record them. For example I will choose a tree at 15 yards, another at 20 yards, maybe a rock at 30 yards, etc; wherever I think a deer may be. I then tag them with an orange piece of tape. Then I know the ranges and don’t even need to use the rangefinder most of the time because the ranging has all been done ahead of time. This makes it very fast to determine the distance to a deer without any guessing when one comes into the target area. A lot of bad shots in bow hunting come from being on the tree standing and loosing your depth perception with can cause errors of several yards, this can make the difference between a great lung shot versus a gut shot or a miss. That’s why I recommend using a good quality rangefinder and put the time in to pre-range your hunting area so you don’t miss any opportunities.

There a lots of rangefinders that will work, just make sure you get one from a reputable manufacturer like Nikon, Bushnell,Leupold, Leica,etc. Any of these brands are proven, reliable and make a great tool for hunting. You can also use them for setting up targets on your property at various distances to practice shooting and keep your skills up before hunting season arrives. Judging distance in bow hunting is a really important skill and a laser rangefinder should be one of the essential pieces of equipment in your arsenal.